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The range of ESTIMA Ceramica products features a great variety. The Company manufactures collections of porcelain tiles reproducing the texture of natural materials to the smallest detail.

The ESTIMA® porcelain tile is widely used in today`s building industry both as an exterior and interior finish material in public buildings and facilities: business centers, headquarters of major companies, underground and railway stations, shopping malls, stadiums, hotels, restaurant, private houses and apartments. A wide variety of colors and designs enables the most ambitious architectural solutions and adds style and edge to the interiors and facades of buildings irrespective of their function.

The ESTIMA ® ceramic granite boasts:

  • modern design;
  • wide variety of products;
  • ecological and hygienical safety;
  • high operational and physical performance;
  • service life more than 50 years.

Production Unit ESTIMA consists of two facilities: Noginsk Intergated Construction Product Plant and Samara Corporation of Ceramics with total capacity of 162 million sq. ft of tiles annually. Both plants are equipped with modern machinery supplied by leading Italian equipment manufacturers.

We implement and integrate into production new technologies emerging in the industry. Both factories hold new production technology DIGITAL PRINT. The technology brings advantages of small series production, reduce production time and brings brand new level of art drawing and absence of any limitations of new design solutions.

The Estima production is:

  • • equipped with up-to-date machinery of leading Italian producers
  • • closed cycle and almost waste-free manufacturing system
  • • has integrated environment protection filters to prevent industrial emissions from reaching the environment

Production of ESTIMA® porcelain tile complies in full with “green trends”. Both raw materials used to produce porcelain and the final product, are safe from ecology and hygienic standpoints. Products under ESTIMA® brand are manufactured out of natural raw materials developed from the open pits. At that, all components of the molding composition are subjected to rigid quality incoming inspection. The pigments used for paving tile coloring, are also similar in every way to natural materials. It should not go unnoticed that the idea of ecological safety also requires attitude of care towards natural resources.




The undisputed leader in terms of manufactured porcelain, and the widest range of products. The variety of colors and textures will surprise even the most demanding customers. Here you can buy granite profitable wholesale, the price offered by the tile is the most profitable in Moscow. In the presence of more than 30 collections available, which will allow you to select the granite, the size of which can be found in the electronic catalog. The product range is constantly updated and expanded to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our customers. Modern finishes will serve for many years, it does not need special care and always will delight the eyes of the original texture and exquisite design.




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